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Supporting the health of English-language learners in Boston and beyond



The Health Fluency Project is a student-led initiative that aims to improve health literacy and language access outcomes in English-learning communities in Boston and beyond, empowering individuals to confidently navigate their health and the healthcare system.



June 2024

The Health Fluency Project turned 1 year old on June 3rd, 2024! Thank you to everyone who has made this initiative possible!

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Learn more about our work!

We host English-learning workshops, create informational pamphlets, and advocate for policies to improve language access and equity, addressing critical health disparities in our community.

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Join our team!

The Health Fluency Project is looking to recruit Volunteers and Project Leads! Apply below if you are interested!


Boston Public Library - Chinatown
Boston Public Library - Grove Hall
Cambridge Public Library
Erie County (Buffalo, NY) Department of Health
MAP for Health
Refugee & Immigrant Assistance Center (RIAC)
Rian Immigrant Center

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